Bush Walking

Mallacoota is a walking paradise, it offers a vast number of wonderful walking possibilities. It has many formal and informal walks around the township and surrounding Croajingolong National Park.

There are lots of seats, picnic tables and spots to stop, and toilets along the walk.

The bush, mudflats, sandflats, inlet and beach attracts an enormous number of birds.

Wildlife you may find includes Kangaroos (even two that are often camped in the centre of town) and koalas.

If you are into fishing, there are also plenty of spots to stop and drop a line, or just sit, look and smell the sea air.

In the Bastion Point rock pools you might find crabs, molluscs, urchins and other intertidal life.



1. Boardwalk near fishing platforms

The boardwalks starts along the path just past the carpark on Lakeside Drive. A few fishing platforms go off the boardwalk.

2. Wetlands

The inlet is on one side of the boardwalk and wetlands on the other, both have an abundance of birdlife and aquatic life.

3. The shared path

The shared path is very popular with walkers and bike riders alike and is in pretty good condition.

4. Pelicans and piers

There are many little jetties dotted along the path and it is hard not to spot a pelican or two perched on many of them.

5. Raised boardwalks

The wonderful raised boardwalk provides a shady spot to look out to the inlet.

6. Mallacoota harbour

Old and new, big and small boats (but nothing too flash!) in the Mallacoota harbour.

7. Coull’s Inlet

Coull’s Inlet is beautiful on a still early morning.

8. Fishing spot

One of the many fishing spots along the walk. Even if you are not into fishing, it’s fun to watch early morning anglers.

9. Goat & other Islands

Beautiful views abound on the walk. Goat Island, Rabbit Island and more…

10. Moored boats

Over the summer, many camping ground visitors more theri boats along the shore. Boats for fishing, water skiing, bird watching or pleasure….

11. Mallacoota Foreshore Holiday Park

The next part of the walk goes through the council caravan park, in summer there is always something to look at.

12. To Capt. Stevenson’s Point

If you want, you can take a short detour off the path and follow the water to Capt. Stevenson’s Point (or stay on the path up above).

13. Capt. Stevenson’s Point

A great spot to look up the inlet or to the mouth (and watch boats go out to sea). You can even see Gabo Island from here.

14. Koalas

If you look carefully you can often see Koalas in the trees, even the odd kangaroo.

15. Crossing the inlet

To get across to the beach you have to wade across about 20 meteres of the inlet which is about 45 cm deep. In summer teh water is quite warm so it is very pleasant.

16. Dirftwood structure

This structure that some have built in the sand dune out of driftwood has been there for a while, hope it lasts a while longer!

17. Mallacoota beach

On a clear day the beach is beautiful other times it can be rugged and wild, but no less wonderful. This part is only for strong competent swimmers. But watch the surfers!

18. A walking beach

The beach is certainly great for walking, but can get a bit blowy.

19. Patrolled beach

This is the main swimming beach that is patrolled by life savers in the holiday season. Any one for cricket?

20. Bastion Point

Rockpools to look at and a good spot for snorkelling off the rocks when the conditions are good.

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