Mallacoota is blessed with an extensive range of diverse beaches in various locations, offering a choice of activities to visitors and locals alike.  Some are situated in quite secluded bays around the inlet, others have coastal ocean frontage. All of those mentioned here are readily accessible by vehicle, or in some cases boat only, and many adjoin walking and bike tracks.  Recognised on the national best beaches list and mentioned in the Lonely Planet guide book, Mallacoota beaches and foreshores offer enjoyable experience opportunities for the diverse visitor interests of all ages.

The following list provides a brief description, including the unique features of some of Mallacoota’s many beaches:

Bastion Cove (Surfing, Board Riding and Swimming)

This popular surf beach, located in the lee of Bastion Point, is protected from the prevailing wind and is well known to both locals and visitors as “not to be missed “.  It is accessed by steps down from the cliff top where there are toilet facilities located in the car park.  It is suitable for swimming and surfing and is patrolled during the summer.  Families with older children find Bastion an ideal beach to learn about surfing and board riding.

Distance from Town Centre:  2.5 kms (5 Minutes by vehicle, a 30 Minute Walk.) Parking & Access:  Good.

Betka Beach (Surfing, Wading, Picnics and Walks)

This ocean beach situated at the entrance of the Betka River is great for families, especially those with very young children.  When the entrance is open, kids of all ages love drifting along in the warm water of this tidal river.  There is a tree shaded picnic area right on the beach with gas BBQs, tables and toilet facilities.  There are a number of interesting walks, including the spectacular, Cliff Top track, emanating from the beach.

Distance from Town Centre:  3.4 kms (7 Minutes by vehicle, a 40 Minute Walk).  Parking & Access:  Good.

Quarry Beach (Exploring, Beachcombing, Surf Fishing)

The feature here is the amazing folding rock formation best seen on the cliff face to the left of the car park.  If you enjoy exploring seldom visited, interesting ocean beach fronts, then this beach is for you.  There is an extensive series of rocky outcrops and rock pools dotted amongst stretches of sandy beach.

Distance from Town Centre:  6.8 kms (10 Minutes by vehicle, a 1 Hour, 23 Minute Walk).  Parking:  Limited.  Access:  Good.


Tip Beach (Board Riding, Surf Fishing)

This beach is situated on a long stretch of sand between Bastion Point and the Betka River. It is known for its shore break by local board riders and for surf fishing.  It also provides access to the giant sand dune situated along the beach to the right of the access point.  Kids love running and tumbling down the dune and there are spectacular views from the top.

Distance from Town Centre:  2.0 kms.  (5 Minutes by vehicle, a 24 Minute Walk).  Parking & Access:  Good.


Secret Beach (Seclusion, Exploring, Swimming, Fishing)

A bit further out of town past the aerodrome, Secret is well worth a visit.  The main feature is the beach itself situated in a cove between headlands with a hard-to-find cave at the left hand end.  It is a 10 minute walk down to the beach from the car park, where there is an observation point.  This is a great spot for those who like to be on their own with lots of space around.

Distance from Town Centre:  8.2 kms (14 Minutes by vehicle, a 1 Hour, 40 Minute Walk).  Parking:  Limited.  Access:  Good.



Shipwreck Creek (Overnight Camping, Exploring)

Further down the coast, south of Mallacoota, this is another of the many cove beaches within the National Park.  Checking on road conditions before travelling is advisable and all provisions should be taken with you.

Distance from Town Centre:  13.5 kms (27 Minutes by vehicle (conditions permitting), a 2 Hour, 45 Minute Walk).  Parking:  Limited.  Access:  Good.


 Sandy Point Beach (Picnics, Fishing, National Park)

The turn off is located 9.5 kms out of town on the Mallacoota-Genoa Road (Signed).  Located within the National Park this small secluded beach situated on the Sou West Arm of the inlet is accessible by road or boat.  Facilities include a jetty, BBQ picnic facilities and Toilets.

Distance from Town Centre:  12 kms (20 Minutes by vehicle).  Parking:  Limited.  Access:  Good.



Cemetery Bight Beach (Water Sports, Boating, Historical Walks, Picnics)

Accessible only by boat, this long strip of sheltered beach located on the eastern shore of the bottom lake is recognized as the best area for water skiers and other tow boating activities.  Facilities include  a jetty, BBQ Picnic area and toilet amenities.  The water is generally deep enough to run boats close in to shore for loading and unloading purposes.  For those seeking a historic walk in the national park there are tracks to the old Spotted Dog Mine and the Pioneer Cemetery.


Other Beaches accessible by boat only are found dotted around the inlet, including the back of the Goodwin Sands and on the eastern shore near the ocean entrance.  Further details are available from the Visitor Information Centre.  Beach goers are reminded to follow the normal safety procedures whilst enjoying the Beaches of Mallacoota.

Remember Pets are not allowed within the National Park including the Inlet Foreshore and Ship Wreck Creek.  Dogs, under control, are allowed in other areas.  Please refer to the signs for further information.  Informal camping at all Beaches is not permitted.

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