Croajingolong National Park and the Mallacoota area are home to many of  the favourite species of Australian Wildlife.

Koala in Mallacoota VictoriaKoalas, while shy creatures, may be sighted in the bushland areas and also around town, usually in trees although when in transit looking for the next food tree, sometimes on the ground.

Kangaroos live here in close proximity to their human neighbours and may even be found on a block adjacent to the main street; probably not approachable but close enough for a great photo.

Other creatures commonly found out in the bush are the Goannas. These ancient fellows are often attracted to picnic areas looking for food scraps or attracted by what you have brought for lunch.
Hungry, not friendly, but can usually be persuaded to leave the area with some loud noise. Throwing anything at them or tempting them away with food may simply result in further unwanted attention.

Goannas can grow to 2 metres and are more likely to scuttle into the bush or up a nearby tree when alarmed, but be aware of them and some of their anti-social behavior, just remembering, it’s their territory. Whilst a bite is not venomous, the bacteria in their mouths can cause serious infections if they get that close.

In the hot months, we do have a fair variety of snakes; blacks, browns and others. Browns can be most aggressive, blacks lesser so and extremely venomous; should you have a close encounter and are bitten, seek medical attention without delay!

For more information on our wildlife, check with the volunteers at the Information Shed at the Main Wharf.

See also Birds and Wildflowers and Orchids if a walk in our beautiful bushland is your preference.

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