Drive to Mallacoota Lookout

The Mallacoota Lookout is located about 22 km north of Genoa, past the border with NSW, rising 300 metres above sea level within the vastness of the Nadgee Reserve.

To get there, head north from Mallacoota on Genoa Rd. Then turn right on Princes Highway, go through the limit with NSW and go right again when reaching Maxwell’s Road -this is where you’ll find access to the lookout.

Relish expansive views of the Croajingolong National Park, the Mallacoota Inlet and the islands, and enjoy a picnic-with-a-view.

There’s a small picnic area on the lookout but no toilet facilities.

Wallagaraugh Forest Drive

For a drive amongst spectacular dry open forests, creeks, and rainforests, hop on your car and explore the network of roads east of Princes Highway -north of the border between Victoria and NSW.

Set within the Nadgee and Bruces Creek States Forests, the roads join the highway at Maxwell’s Road -22 km north of Genoa- and Ireland-Timms Road -further north.

Rest, replenish and have lunch at any of the two picnic areas around this drive.

The Ludwig’s Creek Picnic Area has tables, BBQs, and toilet facilities -located on Ireland-Timms Rd, before the intersection with Mountain Rd,

Ocean Lookouts

From Bastion Point to Shipwreck Creek. If you are touring Mallacoota and don’t have time to do the walks putting aside a few hours will give you plenty of time to visit all the beaches and take a peak at some of the lookouts along the way. You can drive and park at each of the car parks: Bastion Point – Tip Beach – Davis Beach – Quarry Beach – Secret Beach – Pebbly Beach – Shipwreck Creek. Explore the pathways between the beaches – there are lookouts in close proximity to each car park. View the beaches page for more information about these spots.

Forest, Lake and River Drive:

To start the day, head from Mallacoota to Sandy Point Track via Lakeside Drive up until the Karbeethong Jetty. From there, get back on the road and travel through a dry sclerophyll forest to the Genoa Road, where you’ll turn right.

Drive for approx 5 km till reaching the turn to Sandy Point Track, where a pleasant drive will lead you to a picnic ground, a BBQ area, and Sandy Point itself. Freshen up with a swimming session in the quiet waters of the lake and unpack some lunch goodies to savour with family and friends!

Return to Genoa Road, turn right and travel around 2 km to Sou’ West Arm Track. Follow the trail to the picnic ground with a BBQ area and visit the jetty, only a short walk from the parking bay. An extension of the trail will give you access to another scenic point.

To keep the adventure going, make your way back to Genoa Road, turn right and drive for about 3 km to the Genoa Fire Trail. This 4WD track leads to a picnic ground with a jetty -all on the banks of the beautiful Genoa River.

For the final stop of the day, travel to Gipsy Point, on the northernmost section of the inlet, where the Genoa and Wallagaraugh Rivers meet. Swing by the Gipsy Point Lodge for lunch or afternoon tea before making your way back into town.

Driving around Mallacoota Township

Karbeethong Avenue has some beautiful views on top of the hill overlooking the lake -lovely to see by car or on foot. You might also wish to drive along Lakeside Drive toward The Narrows past Buckland’s Jetty.

Head here at sunrise and sunset for some top photo opportunities! You can also hop on The Narrows walk from the car park, and then towards Captains Creek Jetty -about 6 km, one-way.

On your way back take Karbeethong Avenue for scenic lake views and a short drive across the forest till reaching Genoa Rd -and then left to get back into town.