It doesn’t take long to see why surfing is a favourite pastime in Mallacoota. From novices and groms catching ripples, to the more experienced pros at Tip or Davis Creek, simply head to any of the many beaches in and around town. With a range of exposed and sheltered shores, there’s no excuse to refuse giving surfing a go!

With several breaks to choose from, it’s not unusual to find the lineup to yourself or swap waves with cheerful dolphins frolicking near you. Whether the swell is up or not, paddling out in Mallacoota is a great way to experience the beauty and peaceful solitude of our majestic beaches at their best -out at sea!

Popular Surf Beach

Bastion Point is the most popular surf spot in Mallacoota thanks to its prevailing Southwest wind. This is a Special Purpose Zone, so make sure to read all signs before entering the water.

Nearby areas can be accessed via Nelson Drive. These are suitable for skilled surfers who may look at Tip Beach when the wind is WNW-NE (West-North-West Nort-East).

All surfing spots around Mallacoota are subject to small and large rips, so caution must be taken. If unsure, ask someone or do not enter the water.

Windsurfing and Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Beaches are not the only option for water-sport enthusiasts in Mallacoota! With a plethora of easily accessible sites around the shores of the Bottom Lake, windsurfers and paddleboarders of all levels can slide at ease along the Mallacoota Inlet.

Another top spot for SUPs is the calm Bekta River, only 4km from the town centre. The river provides sheltered conditions and the chance to experience the area’s unique birdlife.

Hire and Lessons

Foam beginner surfboards, stand up paddleboards and wetsuits are available for hire from the Mallacoota Surf Shack.

You can also join in on one of their lessons -equipment hire included. The 2 hours sessions are run at Bastion Point by qualified and expert instructors.

Lessons are mainly offered during school holidays but contact the Surf Shack for current availability and bookings.

Open daily from 7:30am to 6pm

41 Maurice Ave, Mallacoota