Hiking & Walks

Some of the best walks you will ever experience in your life,  will be experienced right here in Mallacoota. This is a truly magical place to explore. As each season passes new flora and fauna emerges making the same walk appear new, each time it is taken. 

When hiking any of the trails along the Croajingolong National Park, please follow best “no-trace” practices. It’s paramount to minimise the impact of bushwalking to preserve Australia’s unique ecosystems. Plan your trip and find further information on the Parks Victoria website.

Short Walks

Shady Gully





The Narrows

Buckland’s Jetty

Double Creek Nature

Double Creek Arm

Sandy Point Track

Shipwreck - Heath

Shipwreck - Seal

Shady Gully Walk

0.6 km – easy

A fun trail just next to town, the Shady Gully Walk is a 0.6-km walk starting at Coulls Inlet. Walk amongst aquatic birds and through a dry Mountain Grey Gum, Angophora and Stringy Bark forest with plenty of koalas.

Sit for a snack at the picnic tables along the pathway and finish near the Miva Miva Centre, on Genoa Rd. Especially stunning in the mornings, this is a favourite spot for early birds and sun-risers!

This trail can be connected with the Casuarina Walk. Over 40 species of birds were recorded in this spot alone at the Mallacoota Bird Weekend 2021.

Casuarina Walk

1.8 km – easy

The Casuarina Walk is a 1.8-km long walking path, that begins opposite to the Miva Miva Centre, located on Mallacoota-Genoa Rd.

Traversing a Casuarina Littoralis community, this is a fabulous stroll for bird lovers. Take the chance to meet Wrens, Robins, Lorikeets, Finches, Fantails, Wattle Birds and Tree Creepers. Many birds, including those rare and endangered can be found here.

Go across the small bridge over the fern gully and enjoy the playful company of Australian native petite birds. Mallacoota’s winged friends are most active during early mornings and evenings, so start your day chirping along!

This track leads to Betka Road and links with the Heathlands Walk.

Heathland Walk

0.8 km – easy

Start opposite the end of the Casuarina Walk on Betka Road, just past the Davis Creek Bridge. A prime feature of this 0.8-km walk is the vegetation shifting from forest to heathland, with magnificent wildflower and orchid displays over spring.

The trail ends at the car park by Davis Beach.

Pittosporum Walk

1.4 km – easy

From island views to sand flats and more, this is a gorgeous trail cloaked by flowers blossoming in moist gullies and some of the most beloved birdlife species. Let Firetails, Lyrebirds, Mistletoes, and Scarlet Honeyeaters lead your way into nature.

Pay your respects to the indigenous heritage of the area as you walk past the commemorative plaque set by the trail.

This is a section of the Mallacoota Coastal Walk connects the town with the main beach and can be accessed from Bastion Point car park.

Lakeside Shared Pathway

5.4 km – easy

Enjoy scenic views all along the walk and connect with the peaceful flow of the lake. Throw a line at any of the four fishing platforms and sight prime birdlife. Sense time slowing down, all with the Howe Range and the Croajingolong National Park as your backdrop. It is absolutely stunning at sunrise or sunset – so bring a camera.

To get here, head anywhere towards the lake from town or Karbeethong and join the pathway. If you’re in town you can walk to the Karbeethong Jetty for a neat 8km return walk.

This walk ends at the start of the scenic Narrows Walk, so connect both trails and keep the hiking going!

The Narrows Walk

3 km – easy

The Narrows is a lush, gorgeous waterway connecting the Bottom and Top Lakes, right in the Croajingolong National Park. This striking walk starts just after Buckland’s Jetty.

Revealing the beauty of the Mallacoota Inlet, The Narrows links the two lakes of this estuarine ecosystem. Some sections of the trail are rocky, so make sure to bring proper hiking shoes.

For a picnic stop, look out for the recently restored shed along the trail. Originally used as a boat shed for repairs, this spot now treats visitors to a scenic lunch. If you are eager to continue walking, continue towards Captain Creek Jetty.

Buckland’s Jetty to Captains Creek Jetty

5 km – one way easy

Access to this walk is the same as The Narrows, with which it shares the first 3 km, but then continues for 2 more -until reaching Captain Creek. Stunning water vistas, birdlife, and wildflower blossoms over spring are the top features of this walk set right in the Croajingolong National Park.

As some sections of the trail are rocky and a bit rough, remember to bring hiking footwear.

Double Creek Nature Walk

1 km – easy

For Koala and Lyrebirds sightings, check out Double Creek Nature Walk! An easy drive from central Mallacoota, this loop walk and picnic ground is located only 8 km from town and can be accessed by car.

The trail follows the creek through a rainforest gully and then leads into a gentle slope across a dry sclerophyll forest. This may be a short loop, but it showcases some of the main flora of the Croajingolong National Park. Ferns, mosses, liverworts, rainforest trees, shrubs and fungi can all be found along the walk.

Double Creek Arm

2 km – easy

Another easy and short walk, this time beside Double Creek Arm. Reach the trail via a set of steps, opposite to the picnic ground at Double Creek. For a cute nature encounter, pay attention to Azure Kingfishers and Koalas lulling by the large gum trees at the start of the walk.

Sandy Point Track

2 or 4 km – moderate

Just 1.5 km north of Double Creek on Genoa Road, you’ll find the Sandy Point Track which leads into two separate trails, one to Camp Shot Point -2 km, one way- and Quamby Point -4 km, one way.

Both tracks are graded as moderate and offer an off-the-beaten-path experience for roaming visitors! Discover the wonders of untamed birdlife and wildflower blossoms over spring and summer.

Shipwreck Creek Heathland Walk

6 km – easy to moderate

This walk kicks off at the Shipwreck Creek Day Visitor Area, and sprints through heathland covered in wildflowers, making up for spectacular views -especially over the warm months.

About 1 km after the start of the trail, you’ll find a track on your left, which will take you back to the camping ground. Keep going past this point and find a small gully crowned by a cute -yet slippery- bridge, so take care when crossing. Only 10 metres past the bridge another track branches out on the right, leading to a rocky secluded bay with great rock pools.

Shipwreck Creek to Seal Creek Walk

6 km – easy to moderate

Explore impressive rock pools, walk amongst orchids and banksias, and enjoy the tea-coloured waters of Seal Creek. Delve into pure nature on this hike from Shipwreck Creek to Seal Creek. The path runs, for the most part, parallel to the creek and the down to the beach. Return by the same route, and get a double dose of wilderness!

Full Day & Overnight Walks

Captains Creek Loop

Lake Barracoota

Sandpatch Area

Rame Head

Clinton Rocks

Wilderness Coast Walk

Captains Creek Loop

12.5 km – intermediate

To venture into this 12.5 km circuit track, walk or drive to the Karbeethong Jetty -you’ll find the parking area next to the jetty. Once there, follow the shared road to Bucklands Jetty and the beginning of The Narrows.

Join the walking pathway to Captains Creek Jetty as it winds by the lakeshore. Once you’ve reached the jetty, turn into the 3-km path leading to Genoa Rd. Follow the road back to Karbeethong Jetty via Genoa Rd, Snapper Point Dr and Lakeside Dr.

There’s a 195-metre elevation gain on this trail, so bring plenty of water, snacks, and get ready for a scenic walk in the heart of the Mallacoota Inlet!

Lake Barracoota

10 km one way – easy

Originally formed by the silting up of an arm of the Bottom Lake, Lake Barracoota is now a freshwater body of water, and a great 9 km beach and dune hike -so get ready for a sandy stroll!

To access the walk, firstly reach Big Beach and catch a water taxi. About 500 metres past Tullaberga Island you’ll find a gap in the dunes and a signpost indicating Lake Barracoota. Make your way to the southwest corner of the lake -across a sand dune system- walking in an east-northeast direction.

If the entrance to Mallacoota Inlet is closed, start from Bastion Point and walk the entire way along Big Beach, up to near Tullaberga, and then follow the signpost.

Sandpatch Wilderness Area

A popular and beautiful section of the Wilderness Coast Walk covering 26 km from Shipwreck Creek to Wingan Inlet -both can be accessed by car.

Sandpatch Wilderness Area, past the historic Point Hicks Lighthouse, secluded coves and through pristine landscapes teeming with native wildlife.

If you wanted to take it easy this could be done ove two to three days, one way or return. Remote campsites are available.

Rame Head

Every part of the Wilderness Coast Walk is spectacular. This 22 km hike from Wingan Inlet to Thurra River is no exception. Hikers planning to camp in the area should book their stay in this zone as there’s a dedicated area exclusive for those trekking the Wilderness Coast Walk. This part of the walk is mainly along the beach with only small parts taking you through Forest.

Book your stay here

Clinton Rocks Zone

Another offering from the Wilderness Coast Walk is the Clinto Rocks Zone.  28 km hike from Thurra River to Bemm River has some beautiful spots to take in.  Check out the Thurra River sand dunes (pictured) if you have time. This section of the trail entails crossing the entrances of Sydenham Inlet and Tamboon Inlet (also pictured). Be sure you are aware of the water crossings and consider organising a boat transfer beforehand or cross at low tide if the inlets are open to the ocean. You might need to swim so please do beware of a strong current.

Wilderness Coast Walk

The Wilderness Coast Walk is the long-distance hiking trail spanning from the Sydenham Inlet -Croajingolong National Park- all the way to Shipwreck Creek, and then into Nadgee Nature Reserve, in New South Wales.

This 100 km hike set along the remote coasts of East Gippsland is not for novices. Trampers will need need to be fully-equipped and wilderness-savvy. The walk can present challenging conditions, changing weather, a slew of river crossings, and the most diverse flora and fauna of the region.

Perfect for nature-lovers keen to set off in an unforgettable adventure, to get started with the planning, it’s important to know this is a one-way trail that usually takes between 5 to 7 days.

This walk is divided into three distinct sections that can be hiked individually: Sand Path Zone, Rame Head Zone and Clinton Rocks Zone.