Welcome to Australia’s very own fishing paradise! Mallacoota is boasting with incredible, world class, recreational fishing opportunities. Throw a line from the beach, wharf, boat or lakeside spot and try your luck at catching breams, salmons, flatheads, and a slew of other species.

You will never be far from an amazing fishing spot and can enjoy one of the four fishing platforms close to town.

You might even head on a prawning quest with the whole family around the shallow waters at foreshore caravan park!

It is incredibly important to keep our estuary and our oceans brimming with life so please respect the rules and regulations, throw back the undersized and oversized, keep to the limits and enjoy a great holiday fishing in Mallacoota.

Boat Ramps

There are six permanent boat ramps in Mallacoota. Two are located at Bottom Lake, one at Main Wharf, and at Karbeethong Jetty. For river access, find a ramp at Gipsy Point. To launch directly into the ocean, use the one at Bastion Point.

Planning your day of fishing and boating in the water is essential. Boat operators should abide by the safety requirements provided by Gippsland Ports and the Mallacoota Coast Guard -information available at local service stations. Always make sure you have the right equipment on board, water, fuel, and an updated weather forecast.

In a marine emergency, get hold of the Mallacoota Coast Guard VF15. Boats with radios call on VHF 16, 81 or 27Meg 88. If no radio, then phone 0429 503 618 -call 000 if no response.

In a marine emergency
Mallacoota Coast Guard VF15

Mallacoota Inlet Fishing

It’s no secret the Mallacoota Inlet attracts anglers of all levels and prowess looking to catch any -or many- of the species inhabiting the lakes and rivers in the area! So come in and set forth on a true nature encounter amongst the calm, sheltered waters of this wilderness paradise.

Spanning throughout the Top and Bottoms Lakes -connected by a waterway called The Narrows- you could be fishing around the estuary for a month, and still be an early-stages explorer.

Although the Top and Bottom Lakes are more popular than The Narrows waterway, this is indeed the mingling place for mulloways and mammoth flatheads of up to 14 kg! The cherry on top are the Genoa and Wallagaraugh Rivers arms opening upstream from Top Lake to profound, algae-rich banks filled with colonies of bream and estuary perch.

Fishing in the Mallacoota Inlet is a year-round experience, but the main season runs from December to May. Species like salmon and tailor are to be found during the colder months -so don’t be surprised if you come across Mallacoota fans in the peak of winter!

Off-Shore and Game fishing

Mallacoota has one ocean access boat ramp located at Bastion Point. With neverending coastline, it also offers topmost off-shore fishing with catches including gummy shark, school shark, flathead, travella, salmon, ocean perch, snapper, trumpeter and many more.

Recreational anglers in the area can also join an emerging Game Fishing following with access to Marlin, Swordfish, Tuna and Kingfish.

Find size and bag limits information at the Victorian Fisheries.

Mallacoota Angling Club

Mallacoota & District Angling Club
Any changes to the Syllabus will be advertised. It is the responsibility of members to check for changes.
Non-financial members will not accumulate points.
All fish are to be weighed in whole, except SHARK (gilled and gutted). 15 fish maximum – no more than 5 of any species.

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