Mallacoota is one of those breathtaking, inspiring and downright mind-blowing artist’s haven you never forget. The night sky is bright with romantic light while the sunrises and sunsets will have you awestruck. Nature, wildlife, beaches and rivers are on offer here waiting for you. Whether you draw, paint, write, chisel, carve, snap or sculpt – you will find fulfilment here. Bring your paints, bring your camera and that special notepad.

Mallacoota is FULL of brilliant artists so make sure you come and view what’s on show.

Mallacoota Art Space

Located inside the Croajingolong Centre, the vibrant Mallacoota Art Space features the crafts of the town’s impressive local artists.

As Mallacoota’s creative hub, visitors can enjoy exhibits, shop, join workshops, E.J. Brady short story readings, and music events.

Mallacoota Art Space is situated at 66 Maurice Ave
Open 10 -4 7 days a week.
Free entry & all welcome.
(Opening hours may vary during the winter months)

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Mallacoota Art Space

E.j. Brady Short Story Competition

Back in the early 1900s, when author Edwin James Brady arrived in Captain Stevenson’s Point, he decided to create a colony of writers and artists.

Charmed by the beauty of Mallacoota, he invited some of the top literary figures of his time to join. This is how Henry Lawson, the acclaimed Australian poet, frequented Edwin’s settlement and wrote one of his most famous poems, Mallaccota Bar.

Every year the annual E.J. Brady short story competition, run by the Mallacoota Arts Council, honours the contribution of these artists to Mallacoota.

Art Classes

Fabulous art classes are available seasonly through the creative networks of the MA Space.  When running you can expect to find fun and engaging lessons in painting, printmaking or craft.

Prices vary. For more information: