National Parks

Imagine filling your days with scenic walks, bathing in pristine waters, kayaking across waterways, and gazing at starry night skies. Taking a stroll around a friendly town with locals and visitors mingling after a day of surf or wilderness-roaming. Or simply sitting by your van for the daily sunset show.

All that and more awaits in the lovely coastal town of Mallacoota.

Surrounded by 87,500 hectares of pure nature and 100 km of undeveloped coastline, this is the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle -and a true wilderness experience.

Part of Australia’s Coastal Wilderness, Mallacoota offers easy access to the Croajingolong National Park, Cape Howe, Ben Boyd National Park, Nadgee Nature Reserve, Bournda National Park and the South East Forests National Park.


South East Forests



Cape Howe

Ben Boyd

Bournda National Park

This national park in the Far South Coast of New South Wales is a hub for walking trails, clear blue waters, hidden beaches and stunning cliffs livening up the park’s rough shores.

Head to the Kangarutha walking track, make a stop at Hobart Beach, and sign up for a night of camping onsite! Play in the tranquil waters of the Wallagoot Lake, walk the Sandy Creek loop trail and indulge in this relaxing getaway.

South East Forests National Park

Boasting over 115,000 hectares, the South East Forests National Park features more than 100 km of virgin coastal cliffs, hinterland country, gullies, swamps, gorges and much more.

Find shelter under the shade of ancient trees and granite formations, and roam the untouched valleys of the park. Home to several endangered species, this is a preserved area that showcases the diverse wildlife of Australia, only 2 hours from Mallacoota.

Croajingolong National Park

The Croajingolong National Park, recognised as a Unesco Biosphere Reserve in 1977, is home to over 1500 native species of flora and fauna. Covering 100 km of Victoria’s shores, the park features magnificent and remote coastal environments.

Dotted with massive sand dunes, estuarine systems, heathlands, and a host of rainforests and eucalypts, this is where nature remains unspoilt -and as wild as it gets.

The park, named after the Aboriginal people of the area, surrounds the picturesque township of Mallacoota. Regarded nature’s shelter, there’s plenty to explore across the remote, vast lands of this great escape in the shores of East Gippsland.

Visitors can easily hop into walking trails, slide along the smooth waters of the Mallacoota Inlet by kayak or boat, go camping, fishing, birdwatching, swimming and surfing. All amongst the solitude of the national park.

For a long-distance hiking quest, advanced hikers can join the Wilderness Coast Walk, a 100 km one-way trail connecting Victoria and New South Wales. (Park Notes).

Nadgee Nature Reserve

Hidden on the shores of NSW is one of eastern Australia’s most off-the-beaten-track slices of wilderness. The Nadgee Nature Reserve is beautifully preserved and invites nature-lovers to relish in tranquil, peaceful surroundings.

A place for bushwalking, birdwatching, swimming and fishing, visitors can dip in crystal clear lakes, take a stroll along the cliffs, and take a peek at native little birds frolicking around.

The city on Wonboyn is situated at Nadgee’s north end, and it’s the perfect base for accessing day walks, picnic areas and gorgeous beaches.

Those fancying a more challenging nature walk, organise a trip to the 60-km Nadgee-Howe Wilderness Walk.

Find more information about the Nadgee Nature Reserve here.

Cape Howe Wilderness Zone

Accessible only by foot, Cape Howe Wilderness Zone is set within the Croajingolong National Park and connects Victoria with NSW through the Nadgee Wilderness Area.

Home to rare species like the Bristle Bird, visitors keen to camp overnight need to book through the NSW National Parks Service Merimbula Office.

For more information on entering the area, contact the Mallacoota Parks Office phoning (03) 5158 0800.

Ben Boyd National Park

Just one hour north of Mallacoota travellers will find Ben Boyd National Park. A prime coastal natural refuge, this is a top place for snorkelling, surfing and swimming thanks to superb beaches amongst peaceful settings.

Spanning 47 km of inlets tucked in between rock formations, the park is located near Eden, a favourite whale-watching town on the Far South Coast of NSW.

Divided into two distinct sections, visitors can choose from a slew of lakes and surf beaches in the Pambula-Haycock area, or the beachside campgrounds by the cliffs of the Green Cape area.