Kayakers, canoeists, fishing-fans, and twitchers visiting Mallacoota, get ready to be amazed! As a township almost entirely surrounded by water at the core of the Croajingolong National Park, Mallacoota provides easy access to splashing adventures for people of all ages and level of experience.

So whether you choose to go for a gentle paddle or a full-on kayak quest, you’ll find your ideal fit! From the vastness of the open ocean to the solitude of the inlet’s lakes. From flowing rivers to countless creeks and scenic shores, come to Mallacoota and enjoy a day out in the water like no other.

Mallacoota Inlet

The Mallacoota Inlet is an estuarine system made up of two major lakes -Top Lake and Bottom Lake. If you’re taking it easy, stick to the Bottom Lake and explore the tiny, shape-shifting Islands.

The Top Lake sits at the northernmost part of the inlet -fed by the Genoa and Wallagaraugh Rivers. It then connects to the Bottom Lake through The Narrows -a 1 km-long scenic waterway- which flows into the sea on its southern end. 

The whole inlet is easy to navigate and offers the opportunity to paddle across 320-km of shorelines exploring its many arms, minor waterways, and bays. All this incredible beauty is part of the Croajingolong National Park -a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Ocean Kayak

The best way to appreciate the unique shores of the Croajingolong National Park is from the sea. Pebbled bays, sun-kissed beaches, caves, massive rock formations, cliffs and bays will have you sighing at every turn.

Dolphins, penguins, seals and migrating whales -from April to October- are just some of the many species that call this place home. Grand seabirds, colourful fish and tiny intertidal ecosystems give the final touch of magic to the untamed coastline of the reserve.

Gabo Island sits about 14 km off the strands of Mallacoota and is accessible only by sea or sky. A top choice for sea kayakers, pack a picnic and get ready to drift along the island’s shores. Land your kayak at sheltered Barabara Bay, enjoy the sun and freshen up with a dip in pristine waters!

Paddle around the island and gaze at the changing coastal landscapes. From sandy beaches to boulder-filled bays and extensive rock formations, these are the chosen hangouts of Fur Seals and Little Penguins -so get ready to mingle with the locals!

Betka river

Access the smooth waters of the Betka River from the carpark at the beach or right across the road, where you’ll find a small gravel boat ramp. A kayaker’s dream, the Betka River oozes wildlife as it meanders through the lush native forests of the Croajinggolong National Park.

Kayak fishing

When it comes to getting your line wet amongst the peace and quiet of the Mallacoota Inlet, you’ll be completely spoilt for choice! Bays, creeks, and backwaters make up the landscape of the expansive waters of the Top and Bottom Lakes.

Keep in mind the lakes’ open waters can sometimes get rough for kayak fishing. Launching at Gipsy Point and heading up the Genoa and Wallagaraugh River is a great option to get the adventure going.

Mallacoota also hosts Hobie Kayaks Bream fishing competitions regularly, so pro-anglers can also catch their share of glory -go Bream-ers!

Kayak hire

Sort all your kayaking needs with the helpful team at Mallacoota Hireboats. Powerboats, SUPs and pedal boats are readily available and in great condition too.

You can also hire fishing gear, so rest assured you won’t miss out on the joys of fishing.

For more information and enquiries, check Mallacoota Hireboats website.